The NGINX Application Platform powers Load Balancers, Microservices and API Gateways

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Deploy, validate and troubleshoot NGINX Plus servers easily across a multi-cloud environment using NGINX Controller

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NGINX Conf 2018

The official event for all things nginx

October 8-11  |  Atlanta, Georgia

NGINX Conf is an event for developers, operators, and architects to explore the intersection of the web, cloud, and microservices

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Announcing NGINX's new $43M funding led by Goldman Sachs

Goldman Sachs joins NEA to propel NGINX leadership in microservices delivery, a $32 billion total addressable market opportunity

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Improve the performance, reliability, and security of your applications

  • Load
  • Microservices
  • Cloud
  • Security
  • Web & mobile
  • API gateway
Aaron Terry VP of Development, MemberCentral

Learn how MemberCentral stabilized its applications by replacing hardware load balancers with NGINX Plus

Modern Load Balancing
John Cleveley Sr. Engineering Manager, BuzzFeed

Learn how Buzzfeed built a microservices request router using NGINX Plus.

Flexible Microservices
John Graham-Cumming Programmer, CloudFlare

Learn how you can deploy NGINX on any cloud, eliminate vendor lock-in and reduce complexity.

Scalable Cloud
Andrew Stein Co-founder & Chief Scientist, Distil Networks

See how Distil Networks prevents security breaches and limits malicious traffic with NGINX Plus and the NGINX WAF.

Multi-layer Security
Monte evans Chief Technical Officer, Warpwire

Discover how Warpwire provides a fast, high performance experience for users.

Web & Mobile Performance
Dragos dascalita haut Solutions Architect, Adobe

Learn how Adobe trusts NGINX Plus to manage and secure business-critical APIs.

Custom API Gateways

Deliver modern applications at scale with NGINX products

NGINX Open Source

NGINX Open Source

The open source web server that powers 400 million websites



The only all‑in‑one load balancer, web server, and content cache

NGINX Controller

NGINX Controller

Centralized monitoring and management for NGINX Plus



Multi-language application server from NGINX, Inc.



The web application firewall powered by ModSecurity

NGINX Amplify

NGINX Amplify

Lightweight, cloud-based monitoring for NGINX and NGINX Plus

Trusted by 64% of the world’s busiest sites

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NGINX Webinars

NGINX Controller: Configuration, Management, and Troubleshooting at Scale

Deploying and managing applications at scale always presents challenges. Infrastructure has to be configured and provisioned quickly across multiple public and private clouds. There’s...


Container Networking: From Docker to Kubernetes

Companies that begin working with containerized applications often aren’t prepared for the challenge of container networking. When you want to connect your containerized Python app to a...

Latest blog posts

Announcing NGINX Ingress Controller for Kubernetes Release...

NGINX has released version 1.3.0 of the NGINX Ingress Controller for Kubernetes. This release features Prometheus support, better Helm charts, mergeable Ingress resources, easier custom template management, health checks, and status reporting. Come to Github and get it.

5 Easy Reasons For Your Boss to Send You to NGINX Conf 2018

NGINX Conf 2018 has two days of demos and presentations on NGINX Plus, NGINX Controller, NGINX Unit, the NGINX Kubernetes Ingress controller, and more. You can also see the big picture, how it all works together as part of the NGINX Application Platform. Register now for Early Bird savings.

Running SSL and Non-SSL Protocols over the Same Port with...

The $ssl_preread_protocol variable introduced in NGINX 1.15.2 allows you to distinguish between SSL/TLS and other protocols when forwarding traffic using a TCP proxy. This is useful if you want to avoid firewall restrictions by running (for example) SSL/TLS and SSH services on the same port.


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